Our Company

PrimePay® 's leadership team has been actively involved with the advancement and advocacy of cryptocurrency since 2011, both as users and miners. Today many cryptocurrencies, most notably USDT, have matured into a viable way of conducting online transactions.

Blockchain technology is the foundation of it all. We have experience with a variety of cryptocurrencies that use it, and have a passion for sharing its many benefits – especially blockchain payments for merchants who want innovative, cost-saving ways to conduct business.

We steadfastly adhere to the requirements and procedures of the blockchain payment system, and uphold high standards of integrity. We also continuously improve our service by staying on top of developments in technology and the industry, and most importantly, by listening to our customers.


Why We Created PrimePay®

We created PrimePay® to bring together the best of what cryptocurrency has to offer: a safe, low-cost, privacy-protected alternative to credit and debit cards.

Like many, our experience with cryptocurrency came out of running a business. We experimented with various blockchain payment systems, and discovered what worked, and what didn’t. We wanted to improve the overall experience. PrimePay® is the result: a reliable and trustworthy service that all merchants, even those new to cryptocurrency, can have a comfort level with.

Above all, using cryptocurrency should be convenient and safe. To deliver this, we've simplified the process and made security a priority, so there are fewer clicks, and fewer concerns.

The PrimePay® Difference

Our service is founded on three basic principles: speed, safety, and favorable terms.

Fast fulfillment
  • Merchants can access funds in less than 24 hours, as opposed to 72 hours with payments by credit card.
  • Automated processes: Automation eliminates human error, which can occur in manual processing involving operators, and also takes less time.
Efficient support
  • Our support team is ready to assist you online while you're carrying out any operation.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Transaction processes are carried out using a secured connection through HTTPS protocol with 128 bytes encryption of transferred data, which bars any possibility of third-party data interception.
Qualified provider
  • PrimePay® is a fully verified and licensed service provider.
Low costs
  • PrimePay® transactionin USDT, the fees are1%-2% versus the average 2.5% - 4.5% credit card transaction fee.
No chargebacks
  • All sales are final!

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