Get started with blockchain payments.

The more online payment options your customers have, the better – and revolutionary blockchain technology empowers you to connect with customers in a new way, with a world of benefits. PrimePay® ’s blockchain payment platform provides an easy, low-cost way to accept online payments in USDT, and transact with anyone, anywhere. Create an account and get started.

Get started with blockchain payments

The simple way to start payment services

1. Build Your Merchant Profile

Provide basic information about yourself and your business, along with a default USDT address for automatic withdrawals (optional). When you save your profile, you’ll gain access to a complete merchant toolkit, which has everything you need to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

2. Integrate Blockchain Payments

If you have basic developer skills, choose one of our open source plugins or other integration solutions. If you’d prefer, we’ll walk you through the integration. When this is complete, your online checkout process will include a payment option of USDT.

3. Get Paid

When you start receiving blockchain payments from your customers, your digital funds will be deposited to your PrimePay® wallet by default. If you opt for automatic withdrawals, the funds will be deposited to the USDT address specified in your account profile. Or you can exchange the digital funds for your preferred fiat, and make withdrawals by wire transfer, PayPal, WechatPay, Alipay or PayPay.You can also receive fiat payment from your customers.

The Benefits


Global reach

Because cryptocurrency is borderless, it allows you to easily and conveniently do business with customers anywhere on the planet, using any device.

Lower costs

Saving money is one of the most immediate benefits of accepting blockchain payments. PrimePay® ’s transaction fees are 1%-2%versus the average credit card fee of 2.5% to 4.5%. If you do business internationally, you also avoid paying steep international transaction fees.

Higher security

With blockchain transactions, your financial data – and that of your customers – is secure because you don’t store payment information or any data that can be used for identity theft or fraudulent charges. Plus, there are no chargebacks, so your sales are secure.


Merchants can access funds in less than 24 hours.


Merchant can keep funds in Merchant’s secured Secret Wallet.

PR value

When you accept blockchain payments, you get the intangible benefit of showing current and potential customers that your business is tech savvy, forward-thinking, and on the leading edge of the future of money.


In addition to the complete training and VIP sign group, you also receive your own virtual team for results and management to monitor your gains and development if you participate in the system's referral plan.


You have a great opportunity in your hands to earn money and spread knowledge through the platform that offers all the tools necessary to achieve the most desired results for all people who dream of working exclusively from home.

Many benefits to accepting blockchain payments.

Corporate clients worldwide use PrimePay® to accept and process online blockchain payments. We cut out the institutional middlemen, so transactions are fast and fees are low. The first step is to create an account profile. Then, integrate the functionality into your website. This requires basic developer skills, but if this is outside your skill set, PrimePay® developers will assist you.